Monday, August 15, 2016

A look back at Summer

The summer is quickly coming to an end and today we finally experienced rain after a long stretch of 100 plus degree days here.  A great way to end this very dry season!  Having a moment now to look back over the summer, I realize it has been dry in many ways for me.  It started with my youngest son's college graduation in Sherman, Texas followed by (the day after the ceremony) his hip surgery in Dallas, Texas.  It was no small procedure and he required a lot of care afterwards. My husband and I moved in his upstairs bedroom for a month and he took ours since he could not go up the stairs.  In the middle of teaching art classes at a college campus, my 80 year old mom was diagnosed with cancer in her eye. That took us on a long journey where she received treatment and healing!  But as of yet, she has  not regained sight in that eye.  Then I taught more art classes for three weeks from 8-5 at another campus.  Those highlights created a multitude of schedule challenges as well as emotional ones.  Why is it, we usually grow the most through difficulties?  I continued working on projects, although, obviously at a slower pace.  Now, I have rearranged my studio/office and I am ready for a new year. ( In my mind, years always begin in September.)  After so much stretching over the summer, I needed my work space to change with me.  I am ready for devoted time to work, with new perspective, passion, discipline, and maturity.  What truly altered me the most this summer was the from a deeper place than I knew I had.   I believe what we create comes out of who we are and so I am excited to see what I can give through art and writing this year. So glad it is starting to rain!

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