Friday, May 20, 2016

New York

I have been so inundated with a project I am working on, I have not had time to blog about my trip to New York.  It was the first time I have gone there.  It may not be the place I would like to live, but I loved visiting and look forward to going again someday.

Central Park and all the buildings in that area are incredible.  My husband and I took a short carriage ride through Central Park (something he has always wanted to do).  The weather was absolutely perfect and the flowers gorgeous, especially the tulips.  My husband was there on business, so I spent several days with a new friend from New Zealand.  She was very gracious to explore some art museums with me and she loves books!  So one day we spent quite a lot of time in Barnes and Noble looking through books and chatting.

Museums we visited were the Moma, the Met, and the Neue Galleri.  All these museums have a place in the project I am currently working on so it was an added excitement to actually go there!  Seeing the Woman in Gold by Klimpt was definitely a highlight as well as Van Gogh's Starry Night.

My husband and I also took the ferry to Staten Island and saw the 911 Memorial.  It was like millions of tears falling all around the victims names--very deep sadness.  We went through the Federal Trade Commission Building and Grand Central Station, which was amazing!

We visited two churches there- Hillsong, and Times Square Church, both right off Times Square.  That was the first time I have gone through a security check to go to church, but I understand.  There were police everywhere in New York, especially near Times Square with loaded artillery.  They are not messing around. It kind of gave an uneasy feeling, especially to my New Zealand friend, who comes from a country where no one has guns.

The view from the plane when we left is something I will never forget.  We could see all the buildings and Central Park covering New York.  What an incredibly built up mass! What an intriguing place!

Here are some art highlights:

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