Friday, March 4, 2016

School Presentation Waaaay Out West

I just got back from a school visit waaaaaay out west in Bracketville, Texas.  What a great adventure! Bracketville is a little Texas town near the border of Mexico and near some incredible scenery.  I have lived in Texas all my life, but I have never seen actual mountains here.  Okay, they were not exactly the Rocky Mountains, but pretty awesome nonetheless.  There are some brilliant, talented kids tucked away in this historic little town and I am so thankful I had the privilege of meeting them and the very hospitable staff at Jones Elementary. I was able to share with pretty much the whole elementary as well as one high school art class.  One of the high school students there has just been accepted into Parsons in New York! My husband and I fell in love with this place!

 Before I arrived, this class had created their own version of the Supermoon cover.  Good thing my publisher did not see theirs first.  I might not have gotten the job!
 The room I presented in just happened to be decorated in a superhero theme.

  They had this nifty jail box that came in very handy.  What else do you do with your performance husband on a school presentation trip?

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