Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Trees and Wind

I spent the day with my grand baby and parents today. My dad, who has alzheimers, was relating to me his anxiety over a recent storm.  He does not talk as much now because he feels foolish when he cannot remember things so I was happy to hear him talk about something without worrying about his words.  He described how the wind blew so hard it actually bent the branches on their tree to the ground, or so it seemed to him.  He felt the wind was so strong it was literally bending the branches to the earth. Then, he said with amazement, the next day when he walked in the yard, he thought for sure there would be branches everywhere but there wasn't one, not one.  He smiled in relief.  I smiled too, because my dad had just counseled me like he used to at times and he did not even know he was doing it.  Sometimes in life, like now for me, pressure is pushing from all sides, bending me to the utmost position.  But as long as I keep calm in faith, I wont be broken or overwhelmed.  Thanks, Dad. I love you. And if you knew how much I love trees, you would know how meaningful that is for me.

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