Monday, February 23, 2015


I just finished reading a story intended for middle grade readers titled Curveball.  It's not a book I normally would have chosen, but I found it interesting because it deals with a loved one who has Alzheimers. The author, Jordan Sonnenblick handles the subject really creatively for this age reader.  The only thing that bugged me, having a loved one with Alzheimers myself, is that it ended with the grandfather in a nursing home sort of shut off.  I know that is true for many families.  I just would have loved to see the family make a choice to have him live with them and the main character learn to give of himself more to help. I also see that reality for many families as well.  All in all I was impressed that a writer for this age group was brave enough to make this subject a very important part of the whole story.

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