Saturday, November 29, 2014

Art and Alzheimer

I had the opportunity to visit an Alzheimer daycare this week.  One of the clients there used to be an art teacher.  He comes to the daycare for others to care for him but he also comes to do what he has done for years...teach art.  When I came in, he and three other people were painting with watercolors and using markers.  It was remarkable to me.  Each person was very carefully and thoughtfully painting their pictures, and they were beautiful.  One was flowers, another leaves, a Christmas tree scene.  The art teacher had drawn a tree with hearts using markers.  The line work was gorgeous.  It was so amazing to see people who have lost so much of their abilities in their thought processing, still able to create things from somewhere that Alzheimer can't reach. The essence of who they are is there inside and in the process of creating something we get a glimpse of an area that only God can really see now.  It also reminded me that each one of these people are no less valuable today than when they were 5 or 25 or 35.  They are just as precious to God now as they were the day they were born.    

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